About Strip Womens Waxing Clinic, Subiaco

Strip Womens Waxing Clinic is a women’s only salon located in Subiaco, Perth. We pride ourselves on the highest standard of treatment, ensuring you get the very best service under our careful care.

Since we have opened in 2007, our owner has done many years of research into the negative effects of Talc powder on the body. Due to this, we have always used talc free powder. We use pure corn starch with aloe and vitamin e to absorb the moisture in the skin before waxing.

We maintain the highest of health and safety standards. We never double dip, our equipment is sterilised and our products are disposable. We refuse to use fluffy pretty towels as this can harbour bacteria so we use disposable paper towel to prevent cross infection.

Our therapists are all experienced waxaholics, who are all trained in the technique we have found to be the most successful. Rest assured, you will be in good hands while at Strip.

Each person to us is unique and although it seems we have been waxing since we were able to walk, we still check the skin, provide advice, and commit to providing the best service for you.

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