Aftercare Recommendations

Here at Strip, we believe there are 3 factors for maintaining healthy, smooth, beautiful skin:

Antiseptic tea tree moisturising lotion

Tea Tree lotion has both antiseptic and moisturising properties, therefore is powerful in the fight against nasty ingrown hairs, we believe prevention is better than cure, so if we can help prevent these pesky little ingrowns you will not need to fight as hard when they do turn up. Below are a few of the recommendations we have in the use of tea tree lotion.

  • Following all waxing other than a Brazilian apply tea tree lotion once daily for 3 days
  • Following any of our bikini area waxes apply tea tree lotion twice daily for 7 days then once daily when the hair starts to grow back, thus preventing ingrown hairs
  • Always apply extra tea tree lotion before exercising, underwear fabric lies in direct contact with the skin and chafes, drying the skin
  • Underwear that is wet or damp from sweating can also have a drying effect on the skin. Without moisturising every day, the new finer hairs cannot penetrate the dry skin

No picking!

  • Even with sterilised instruments, picking causes additional trauma to the ingrown hair and surrounding area, allowing easier access of bacteria, resulting in a worsened appearance and possible infection and scarring.
  • Using tea tree lotion as recommended greatly reduces the incidence of ingrown hair due to its moisturising and antibacterial properties


  • Exfoliate very, very gently on the bikini area and not more than once a week.
  • Skin has a natural mechanism of shedding its top most layers. Too much friction stimulates additional cell activity resulting in the formation of more calloused or hardened skin
  • The bikini area skin has not been exposed to any weather conditions, unlike the face, so the skin is very soft and sensitive. During your treatment at Strip Women’s waxing clinic our specialists will inform you of any other aftercare we consider relevant to your personal situation, we are here to help so if you do have any questions or queries please be sure to ask!

If you have been shaving/epilating or using depilatory cream, you will need to leave your hair growth alone for at least 1-2 weeks for a good result. Shaving cuts the hair, making it quite difficult to remove, if the hairs are quite strong you may not get the full benefit of waxing for 2-3 visits, however it will come back softer each time. Do not clipper your hair down, even if you feel like it looks like a funky 70’s afro, we have seen it all before and want you to get the best result possible from your waxing experience! Once you are in a waxing routine 4-5 weeks is what we recommend to get the best result.

To do an efficient bikini/ Brazilian, we ask everyone to remove clothing from the waist down, including your underwear. There is no need to be embarrassed we are specialists and only interested in your hair we need to get rid of, not what fancy frilly undies you’ve chosen for the day. After your wax it is best to leave off your undies or at least wear your super comfy ones.

Of course, many women feel more comfortable knowing they are maintained and presentable during pregnancy even if they can’t see it. Waxing can be a little more uncomfortable while pregnant so we recommend regular waxing every 4 weeks.

Yes, once you are wearing a tampon, we provide wipes for you to freshen up in the room. Generally most people are more sensitive pre-menstrual.

If you have any other questions please call us or email us at

We will be happy to answer any of your questions so you can understand waxing better and be satisfied with your treatment.

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